Victim Support

Each and every one of us may fall victim to crime. As an injured party, you are entitled to dignified and respectful treatment. In order to relieve your experience as a victim, you will be offered a variety of support.

If you need advice and support in resolving your problems, feel free to contact a victim support worker. Victim support services are provided in every county. Information about this is available in your local municipality or city government, police, or health and social welfare institutions, for example.

The police will cooperate with institutions providing aid and support and, where appropriate, involves a social, child protection or victim support worker who can help you.

The provision of state victim support is organised by the Estonian National Social Insurance Board. Victim support workers will give you an overview of all the services that you may receive as a victim or an injured party, as well as an overview of compensations you are entitled to receive as a victim of crime. Victim support workers are located in police stations all over Estonia. You do not have to file a notice or report of criminal offence in order to contact a victim support worker. If you wish, you can have the primary consultation with regard to what happened to you by telephone: 116 006.

A victim support service is a public service aiming at maintaining or enhancing the ability to cope of persons who have fallen victim to criminal offences, negligence or mistreatment or physical, mental or sexual abuse. The provision of victim support services includes counselling of victims and assisting victims in communicating with state and local government authorities and legal persons. In addition to counselling and in more severe cases compensation, the victim of crime may, on the basis of the law, claim for compensation for the cost of psychological care. Thus, pursuant to the Victim Support Act, there are many ways how to help the injured party to cope better with his or her situation and information on how to get support must also reach him or her.

Forms related to victim support are available here.