Compensation for damage

If you have fallen victim of a serious crime, then the state will pay you state compensation of victims of crime. If the victim has died as a result of a serious crime, compensation of victims of crime shall be paid his/her dependants. Funeral expenses of a victim of a crime shall be compensated in a fixed amount to the person who bears those expenses.

Compensation shall be paid to victims of crimes of violence committed in the territory of the Republic of Estonia and to their dependants. Additionally, the State Compensation of Victims of Crime Act enables people who have actually borne the victim's funeral expenses and medical expenses to apply for compensation for such expenses. 

Compensation shall be paid if as a result of the crime, the victim sustains serious damage to his or her health, a health disorder lasting for at least six months or if the victim has died as a result of the crime.  

People entitled to receive compensation are: 

Estonian citizens;

a person who resides in Estonia on the basis of a long-term residence permit or right of residence or on the basis of a temporary residence permit or right of residence;

citizens of the European Union;

citizens of a state which is a party to the European Convention on Compensation of Victims of Violent Crimes;

persons enjoying international protection staying in Estonia;

victims of human trafficking or sexually abused minors, regardless of whether they have a legal basis for staying in the Republic of Estonia.

You will find information on the amount of compensation and the basis for its determination here.

You will find information about applying for compensation here.

You will find the application forms for compensation here.