Emergency phone 112

Please call the emergency phone (around the clock) 112 when you need urgent assistance from the police and you want to report a disturbance, an offence, or a traffic accident.

Police client information phone 612 3000

Police Board and Border Guard Administration services and initiated campaigns; application forms and how to complete them; documents to be appended to applications; about the status of the identity document or residence permit and general information about the proceedings; locations of structural units and their hours of operation; contact information for public officials; the location of towed vehicles.

Contact details of the Prosecutor's Office

The Prosecutor’s Office directs pre-trial criminal proceedings, ensuring lawfulness and effectiveness thereof; represents the public prosecution in court, participates in planning surveillance activities necessary for prevention and identification of crimes, and performs other duties assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office by the law. As a body directing criminal proceedings, the Prosecutor’s Office guides investigative bodies in gathering evidence and, according to identified circumstances, decides on bringing charges against a person.

Reception on citizens at the Prosecutor's Office.


Children helpline 116 111 works all over Estonia 24/7 and the calls are free of charge for all callers. This phone line is meant for calls that are related to children, issues concerning children, or when it is necessary to notify about a child in need for help. The callers may be the children themselves as well as adults – parents, relatives, specialists, neighbours, friends, acquaintances, but also everyone else who need counselling on issues concerning children. Callers are given advice, provided information and, if necessary, ensured that information is forwarded to the necessary specialists.


If you have fallen victim to crime or experienced violence, negligence or mistreatment, you have the right to receive victim support. National victim support centres are located in all major cities (contact details of victim support employees). We provide free counselling services to those in need in all victim support centres.


Women's support centres provide a safe environment, counselling and temporary housing for all women who are victims of violence against women and any accompanying children. Primary crisis counselling is provided 24/7 by phone or by meeting. If desired, primary crisis counselling may remain anonymous. Information and support is also provided to the persons close to the victim of violence against women.


Web constables Andero Sepp, Jana Frolova and Maarja Punak are police officers working on the internet. They respond to notifications and letters submitted by people via the internet and train children as well as adults at issues of internet security.

Contacts of web constables

Andero Sepp Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Andero Rate: Skype: @email E-mail: @email

Maarja Punak Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Maarja Twitter: Veebikonstaabel E-mail: @email

Jana Frolova Facebook: Veebikonstaabel Jana Frolova - VK: yana frolova veebikonstaabel Odnoklassniki: Яна Фролова E-mail: @email