Psychological support

If you fall a victim of crime, you and your family members can seek psychological help. In order to have compensation for psychological help, you have to meet a victim support worker who will draw up an application that you have to sign. You also need a police certificate confirming that a procedure has been initiated and that you are the victim or his/her legal representative. The victim support worker can help you in getting the police certificate.

A decision to grant or to refuse to grant compensation for psychological aid shall be communicated to you within ten working days. Then you can contact a psychologist. Compensation for the cost of psychological care in an amount equal to up to one minimum monthly wage, which in 2017 is 470 Euros. When you are seeing a psychologist, you do not have to deal with the payments, because we are paying the psychologists for the services provided to you.

You can find the application for psychological care here.